Building Capacity in Myanmar through Training and Development

At the International Business Institute, we are committed to providing the best and latest knowledge and skills at an international level. We structure practical, effective needs-based training courses that will help you run your business better and help you advance your career faster. Our trainers are established domain experts, with extensive practical subject matter expertise gained from years of experience in their field.

For Business Owners

We provide specialized training that helps business owners and senior management run their businesses better. A wide variety of topics are approached from a strategic angle, with an emphasis on building organized systematic business processes and sustainable leverage through strong leadership.

Corporate Training

We work with corporate clients to provide systematic workforce training that, together with business process reengineering, aims to improve the effectiviness of business operations to international standards.

Career Development and Professional Training

Through our sister company, the recruitment agency OkGoJobs, we have a strong understanding of the skills and qualities that employers need from their candidates. As such, we try to meet the demand for these skilled individuals by providing useful training that will improve the career prospects of the workforce in Myanmar.

International Business Institute