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Practical, focused knowledge transfer

At the International Business Institute, we are committed to providing the best and latest knowledge and skills at an international level. We structure practical, effective needs-based training courses that will help you run your business better and help you advance your career faster. Our trainers are established domain experts, with extensive practical subject matter expertise gained from years of experience in their field.

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Law for Business Owners

Handling legal issues is essential to a successful business. Topics include tax compliance, contract law, family business

International Trade

Deal confidently with foreign companies and maximize earnings potential from international business.

Finance & Accounting

Take control of your company's finances, manage your money properly, to maximize profits

Marketing & Sales

Proper marketing and sales is essential for a company's success - Build a marketing strategy, sales process, and sales team

Leadership & Management

Maximimize the effectiveness of your staff by building teamwork and building leadership and management potential

Building a Business

Build a company using leverage power, with an organized system that can run independently, generating passive income

Selling as a Team

Maximize sales effectiveness through organized systematic sales process and role-assigned teamwork selling

Professional English

Professional English communication, for staff that work with foreign clients or colleagues

Customer Service

Good customer service is essential to retaining customers and strengthening the pereption of a brand's quality

Organizational Development

Develop the full potential of your organization and its people by creting an exciting, challenging environment

Team Building

Improve organization morale, effectivenss, and staff retention through building effective teams

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with Government rules and regulations is becoming more important in Myanmar

English Communication with Foreigners

Confidently and capably communicate verbally and through writing with foreign bosses, colleagues, clients, and friends

Using Social Media for your Career

Learn how to use social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook to find top jobs and connect with top companies

Job Interview Excellence

Learn how to present yourself positively during your job interview, to help you get the job you want

Effective CV

Your resume, is essential in effectively communicating your skills and qualifications to a prospective employer

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales are both valuable skills that are in high demand from almost any company

Customer Service

Employing companies in Myanmar are increasingly realizing the importance of excellent and systematic customer service.

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